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The international real estate website The Cube Realty is the leading international real estate network in Europe.

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Babelimmo - Multilingual real estate ads
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The Babelimmo Web site is a member of the The Cube Realty network and enables you to place your real estate ad in 6 languages.



Over the last 3 months, you have posted an average of 323 new ads each day (or 9690 per month), on the 186 sites of our multilingual network.

Thank you for your business!
We don't speak a word of German, but the transaction went really well. The ad was very detailed, and we indicated that [...]
Cristina T. (Spain)

1 165 191 ads placed
96 hits per ad, per month
91,0% foreign visitors
Posting on 186 sites

Visitors per language

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Hotel 18,000 sqm (18,000 sqm)
GBP 1,787,320
Hotel in 85350 MIRLEFT

Garage/parking space 93 sqm (93 sqm)
GBP 58,982
Garage/parking space in 79340 CHANTECORPS

The 5 differences

between The Cube Realty and other real estate sites

Most real estate listing sites are the same: they work the same way, target the same people and have the same lack of transparency. The Cube Realty network differs in a number of ways. Here is how:

Multi-lingual publication

Your ad ad on the network is fully translated into 6 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish

Foreign Web users looking for property thus benefit from a reference portal enabling them to consult ads written using language that truly reflects their habits.

That is where our main difference lies: we do not target the same clientele as other realty sites. So even if you have already placed other ads, a listing with our network will serve to complete them, since it allows you to reach a clientele you otherwise would not with an ad written only in English.

And it is effective: our statistics show that, on average, foreigners make up 75% of our ad viewers.
Multiple listing

When you place your ad on this site (or one of the 186 other sites), it is displayed on all the sites in the The Cube Realty network (see list). This provides optimal exposure for your property in all languages and all countries.

We are currently the only network to offer such extensive and multilingual promotion.

We have chosen total transparency, which sets us apart from most of the other realty sites:
  • Our full and detailed rates are openly accessible, with no need to create an account (page Rates).
  • We are the only network to publish detailed hit statistics IN REAL TIME for all the sites in our network (page Barometer). Since updates are made daily and automatically, even downward trends are displayed!
No false promises

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not display "success rates" or "average time to sell". For one thing, a realty site is not a realty agency (and so we are rarely informed when a customer has sold his or her property). What is more, it would be ridiculous to promise a sale within a certain timeframe, since sellers are the ones who freely determine the price tag of their property. That being the case, how could we indicate an average time to sell, when the property might be priced higher than market value?

On the other hand, we do offer a very clear guarantee:: publication of your property until it has been sold, regardless of how long it takes (Gold package).
GUARANTEE - Ad posted until sale

Most real estate sites have a time limit on ad posting. The offers are sometimes tempting, but if you don't sell your property quickly, you have to renew your ad... as many times as it takes, and that can quickly become costly.

With the Gold plan, your ad is posted until sale, without any conditions and no matter how long it takes.

It's an extra guarantee: you have nothing else to pay! This lets you "test the market" by placing your ad at a higher price to begin with and then lowering it later on if there is not enough interest.